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As online markets become increasingly competitive, it is important to have an engaging and effective online presence; all of which can be a direct result of building your brand using ethical, Google recommended search marketing standards.

{Search engine marketing is all that we do} Because of this, we are personally invested in the success of every campaign we create. With years spent in the trenches testing and building successful online campaigns, we have shown our clients how effective a budget friendly, search-centric marketing effort can be.

"Shawn helped us launch a number of successful online campaigns, and I valued his advice and dedication to our program.”

- Todd Bairstow, President - Keyword Advisors

{Why Online Marketing is King} Traditional offline advertising campaigns and methods are quickly becoming ineffective and overpriced. Savvy business owners are putting more emphasis on search based marketing, and less on traditional marketing like print, radio and TV. Targeting online customers is the most cost effective way increase your sales, build brand recognition, and strengthen client trust.


  • "A year ago Barton Medical decided that we needed to do something with our online marketing and web-presence in order to compete within our fast growing, highly aggressive market. Our company reach online has grown tremendously over the past year thanks to Shawn's efforts. His loyalty, ethical standard, and morality are beyond reproach and he has proven to me time and again that he will do everything to ensure success."
    - Kurt Heiss, Vice President
  • "Shawn has done an excellent job for our company Act Global Sports. Our website traffic and page views have doubled since we hired Shawn and his team. They have been very professional, honest and cooperative. I would give him and his team the highest recommendation."
    - John Baize, Director

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